Extinction Rebellion Los Angeles
Extinction Rebellion is a global nonviolent movement to compel the world’s governments to address the climate and eco...
I love this art this group puts out there. It's so haunting! I wish we could live in a world where it was JUST art, and did not have a potential, likely future of starvation and death at its end.
Rachel Carson

I agree. Doesn't it feel so frustrating sometimes? It has definitely hindered my ability to be creative, at least some of the  time. what is the point of singing a love song, if everyone and everything we love Might be gone within the next 75-100 years? What is the point of writing a short story in which a young person learns important life lessons about growing up, when deep down, we all kind of know that her generation might very well be the LAST to grow up at all (or at the very least, the last to AFFORD such luxuries as "childhood?" And what about longevity? Who in the year 2496 (if anyone makes it that far) will be looking back and wanting to hear our love songs? And yet I suspect the only way that our music and art can help turn the tide is if we're able to speak about global warming (and all the related evils, such as smog, overfishing, and animal cruelty) THROUGH things like love songs.

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