There's not really a local scene where I live of environmentalists at all, but in online spaces I've seen a TON of anti-immigrant and anti-homeless sentiments that claim these peoples are responsible for environmental degradation--which is just STUPID as well as cruel. Unlike many people without houses, virtually all of the people leaving such comments are doing so from a cellphone. When factoring in all the servers and other components of their phone and data usage that are invisible to the user, a cellphone is responsible for the same amount of energy usage each day as a refrigerator--oh hey, and that's another thing that these complainers have that folks without homes have. And study after study has shown that people living in the U.S. who were born elsewhere are far more likely to think that recycling is important and preserving our green spaces is crucial. I think what's REALLY going on here is that the centrist environmentalist groups of the 80s and 90s said that population explosions would be leading to environmental catastrophe, and we have a prejudicial belief that all "foreigners" have like 18 kids, which is just not true.