Brilliant ad by Avaaz --- telling French President Macron to step up his game on Climate -- in this morning's Financial Times.      


This is why I can't make up my mind on electoral politics. All parties are terrible... but given the dangers ahead, even if one side is 0.00001% more likely to pass laws that curb emissions and promote green solutions, aren't we OBLIGATED to hold our noses and vote for them? Or is a vote for the Macrons of the world just playing pretend?


This is why we need to move away from a two party system in the US, so that we don't have to choose between bad and worse and candidates who actually want to make a difference even stand a chance


Right-on! I've been saying for years that all democracies need some form of Proportional Representation (PR) so that political parties will get the percentage of seats in Congress/Parliament equal to the percentage of votes they get during any elecion. PR will break the strangle-hold that the large, entrenched, and regressive parties have on the legislative process!

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