Eco v Ego

Gaia v Greed

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    Gaia Core is, in its essence, something very ordinary. An expression of now. Star date 2021. Something everyday.
    At its essence, it is two words that express the life force, the existential nature of being on this blue planet.
    Gaia, this living, breathing entity, spinning across the multiverse at speed: this planet we call home. This entity that feeds us, raises our children, warms us, cools us, quenches our thirst and gives us the air that we breath.
    As humans, we take this benevolent paradise for granted. In our ignorance we consider it our rightful place to be and our right to consume it, without due care, due consideration, due gratitude. 
    Thus we depict our planet as eaten the core. Little left but some seeds. Seeds with the life force in them, should we care to plant them: should we care to nurture and protect them as they grow and regenerate life anew: should we cultivate and feed them, until they themselves bear fruit.
    2021 is a crossroads. We can either realise our good fortune, to be blessed with life and our responsibilities for ensuring that this continues or we can choose to travel a dark path, hoping to accumulate enough wealth to buy a ticket on the first rockets to Mars, when Gaia can no longer sustain and protect us.
    This is our extraordinary dilemma. To be or not to be. To regenerate a world we choose or to rape, pillage and defile, taking the fast track to oblivion.