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new·world \nü 'wər(-ə)ld\

What does a NooWorld look like?

So many of us have marched in the streets, led strikes from school and work, engaged in civil disobedience. We've lobbied our government representatives, participated in non-violent direct actions, given public climate presentations, and activated our people power in so many other inspiring ways. But without more effective tools to organize and unify all of our actions into larger coalitions and global campaigns, we see our climate emergency ending in catastrophe.  

So how can we better leverage all of the skills and strategies activists bring to the table? Where are the multilingual training resources to support all of our climate, ecological, and environmental justice activists everywhere?  Where can activists find each other to organize local movements? Or regenerative communities to build coalitions with?  Where is the online social platform that works with us and for all of us, not against us?

These are the questions that inspired us to launch NooWorld. We're building amazing coalitions across the global North and South, we're rebelling for life, and we’re starting this summer with the Amazon Rainforest. 

Are you ready to be part of the most badass climate justice coalition in history? Are you wondering what the NooWorld looks like? Want to build it with us? Join us!

Our Principles

  • NooWorld is not-for-profit, nonviolent, and regenerative, focused on promoting environmental justice for all.
  • NooWorld deploys social technologies in service to human and natural rights, and never for the commodification and exploitation of the individual or their data.
  • NooWorld sees ownership and control of your own data as a human right, and your data security as our first priority.
  • NooWorld welcomes your positive contributions as the core prerequisite for your participation in any NooWorld community decision-making.
  • NooWorld communities are all prompted to be healthy, resilient, respectful, and regenerative. We avoid blaming and shaming, and promote the sharing of high-value resources such as equipment, skills, knowledge, compassion, and empathy. 
  • NooWorld recognizes the vast cultural differences, intersectionalities, and backgrounds in our movement, and the urgent need for dismantling privilege and patriarchy. We support local and global communities and coalitions that honor the broadest diversities of race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender identity and/or expression, economic status, age, sexual orientation, and abilities.
  • NooWorld trusts and empowers our communities to moderate their own membership posts and comments. Having said that, we practice a zero-tolerance, one-strike policy for hate speech: anyone who attacks people based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender identity and expression, economic status, age, sexual orientation, ability or disability, will face permanent removal from our network, as will doxxing, or the uploading of spam, bots, or malign technology of any kind.


NooWorld came to life when close friends began to imagine how to fully activate the noosphere – our global hearts and minds – in the face of our climate and ecological emergency.

Steven Starr

Steven's a co-founder of XRLA; his past activism includes Occupy Wall Street, 350.org, KPFK-FM, and Indymedia; the documentaries FLOW and The Garden; and as a concert promoter for Bob Marley & the Wailers.

Niko Vertovec

Niko is a Doctoral student at Oxford University. In the past he's worked at JPL, organized with Amazon Watch in various countries and is now working on the Free Donziger Campaign.