After decades of Social Justice teaching in Detroit as a white woman in an institution of 85% Black students, I struggled mightly trying to "teach" principles and history of oppressions that, in fact, my lineage of settlers (and enslavers)  lived but did not specifically understand or acknowledge. 

I cringe to reflect back on the profound ignorance that resided in my good intentioned and well-educated presentation of "material" that students before me struggled and survived and continued to live daily.  That was many years ago.  This mini training/primmer, will help many who genuinely want to know how to live and teach and belong in right relationship to those whose land we squat on, and whose lives our "success" was built upon...the backs of Indigenous and Black human beings who ARE the teachers.  I really KNEW this, but had not language back then to redirect myself toward another way of relating.  I know I am combining POC and Indigenous people here but these principles in this training, for me, speak to both.  Thank you for this training.  I have much to unlearn still.  

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